Areas of Practice

Colleran, O’Hara & Mills L.L.P. has represented private and public sector Labor Unions since its inception in 1963. The firm’s history and tradition is rooted in the labor movement. COH&M represents Labor Unions in various fields of the construction and service industries, and in the public sector, as well as local, city and state level umbrella organizations.

Colleran, O’Hara & Mills L.L.P. is a full service labor law practice, experienced and qualified to serve the legal needs that unions face today, Colleran, O’Hara & Mills L.L.P. our firm represents Labor our Unions in all aspects of their dealings with employers, government agencies and other labor organizations. Colleran, O’Hara & Mills L.L.P. attorneys are experienced litigators in both State and Federal Court and frequently appear before the Department of Labor, the Public Employment Relations Board and the National Labor Relations Board; handling a variety of issues facing Unions such as jurisdictional disputes, unfair labor practices, fair representation claims, and discrimination claims.

Labor Law

Labor law is a broad field covering labor-management relations and internal union issues in both the public and private sectors.

ERISA & Employee Benefits

In addition to representing labor unions, COH&M represents Taft-Hartley employee benefit plans including pension, annuity, health, apprenticeship, vacation


At our experience and dedication to each and every client is essential to our litigation practice. Our attorneys have represented our clients as plaintiff’s


Experience with Alternative Dispute Resolution is essential in the field of labor law, especially in contract enforcement.

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is an essential component of effective labor representation.

Asbestos Litigation

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