ERISA & Employee Benefits

In addition to representing labor unions, COH&M represents Taft-Hartley employee benefit plans including pension, annuity, health, apprenticeship, vacation, scholarship and other fringe benefit funds.

The firm advises plans on a variety of matters including plan design, day-to-day operations, and compliance with ERISA and other federal laws. We also represent and assist employee benefit clients in connection with issues involving the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, the enforcement of fiduciary liability insurance policies, and the development of procedures and practices in satisfaction of fiduciary duties. For many clients, COH&M handles the collection of contributions from delinquent employers who have failed to make timely benefit contributions to the respective benefit funds or submit to an audit. To achieve this end, COH&M has brought employers before arbitrators, Joint Trade Boards, and when necessary has pursued these matters before federal courts.

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